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Single channel video installation
(performance navel piercing with sewing needle)



Cuando toco mi ombligo y busco el inicio y el final de el no lo logro encontrar. Mi ombligo se vuelve un vortex que conecta a mis tripas con mi piel. Así mi mundo interno y externo se conectan.
El cordon umbilical se vuelve una linea invisible que te llama a casa a donde deberías de estar.

The bellybutton is the link between the nomos and the cosmos of The body. Nomos is the skin, the substance that I know, I can see, touch and smell it. Cosmos are the organs, their presence as planets and stars that I know so little off,  objects that I can’t really see but rather feel. I become other and self within my body. In this act of forming a connection with my guts and my skin the navel becomes a liminal space and an abyss

(Install proposal Vol.1 & Vol.2)