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Maria Antonia Eguiarte
1993 USA-MEX

    Born in Lansing Michigan and raised between Mexico City and California. She is  currently based in San Diego, Califronia. Maria Antonia Eguiarte is an interdisiplinary artist  engaging in gesture-based performance and object making.  Since the start of her artistic exploration, Antonia has been drawn to vulnerability and care as radical political weapons for quiet gestural revolution. This has been the main focus of her practice as a facilitator and artist. Her gesture-based performance and object-making center on the possibilities of a transnational body that carries multigenerational knowledge of care. Using textiles, fibers and threads she draws from personal narrative, family and nation myths, non-linear and anti-hierarchical ways of knowledge, to disrupt her relationship with care, community and self.
      She holds a BFA from La Escuela Nacional de Pintura Escultura y Grabado “La Esmerlada” and a MFA from The University of Califonia San Diego

- CV

    Solo shows:
2022- Perfromance Space UCSD “ Tomándome mi tiempo, conversaciones trascendentales en la morada interior; Nuestros cuerpos son símbolos más que un hogar”
    Collective shows:
2022- ICA San Diego “NextGen: Graduating Artist Exhibitio”
2021- New Wight Gallery UCLA “Descifrando Terrenos”
2020- Commons Gallery  “Six Perspectives on what We Call Craft”
2019- Proxcy NY “Quality Time by ERAS”
2018- NIXON “Fromatos”
2018- NIXON “Predicciones2018”
2017- Ex Teresa Arte Actual “Recomendaciones mínimas para caminar de espaldas”
    Collective projects:
2017- 2019 Frontera Garibaldi
2008- 2019 Salvemos a Cuatro Ciénegas
2016 Primer Bienal de Obra Chiquita
2014-2017 BFA from Escuela Nacional de Pintura, Escultura y Grabado “La Esmeralda” in Visual Arts
2019- 2022 MFA from University California San Diego in Visual Arts

- Press

      Essay by Dillon Chapman for HereIn Journal - link